It's best to confirm your removal arrangements as soon as your contracts have been exchanged. You'll need to move out of your property on or before the completion date. If you need the help of a removals service then we can offer an experienced team whether you are moving down the road or half way around the world - let us help remove the stress of relocating with Pollards Moving & Storage.

If you are looking for any of the following:

  • To move with confidence
  • Caring and careful staff
  • Fast and efficient removals
  • Great value including no extra charge for weekend moves


If you're not moving straight into another property and you think you'll need some temporary storage space, now is the time to book. Whether it is for a few days or on an indefinite basis we can offer a purpose built facility providing a safe and secure environment in which to store your possessions. 

We can also help with Commercial moves and storage, European and International moves, Short Notice moves, Student moves as well as Office and Library relocations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply packing material?

Yes, we can supply everything from book boxes to acid free tissue paper, bubble wrap and tape.

Do you do packing services?

Yes, each job is quoted individually which can be asked for at the time of the quotation. All packing materials are included in this cost.

Do you un-pack?

We can offer as an additional service; however this service is only to place items onto flat surfaces. Most people prefer to unpack themselves.

Is insurance included in the cost of the quote?

Yes. You are covered to the maximum cost of £50,000 indemnity cover, which is underwritten by Poundgates.

Do I need to have my moving date before I can book?

No. We are able to take provisional bookings even if you have not exchanged contracts. All we ask for is a signed acceptance form and a £100 deposit cheque.

Will my carpets get dirty?

We bring professional carpet protection which can be placed on all types of flooring to protect it.

Preparation to Move

  • Defrost freezer 24hrs prior to moving
  • Bubblewrap TVs
  • Un-plumb washing machines & dishwashers
  • Unplug all electrical items
  • Remove bed linen from mattresses
  • Take down anything secured to the walls
  • Empty all drawers
  • If packing services haven't been requested you should be ready to move on the day