Spring Trends 2019: we choose our favourite trends from the season.

News at Mortimers | 14/06/2019

It's all about the trends. Whether you make sure your house is up to date with them or whether you tend to be unaffected by them – they're everywhere. We want to help you create a space where you can just be. 

This year, most trends tend to sway towards comfort. We're busy creating safe spaces to unwind after a stressful day at work, or maybe to transform a tired office, an unused conservatory or maybe an outbuilding in the garden? Whatever space you have to work with, we've rounded up a few of our favourite trends for 2019 to get you inspired.


Minimalist Spring/Summer

This year, pastel colours paired with a bold colour gives the best of both worlds. Usually saved for the garden, Terracotta, is on the rise. It's all about being minimalist but still showing personality. As Spring weather can sometimes last well into the Summer and our schedules get busier, creating a style that can stay timeless for a while as well as being easy to maintain and change, is something we're loving.


Nordic Retreat

With the rise of the popular Scandic term 'Hygge' – a Danish/Norwegian word meaning 'cosy' or 'comfortable' – a new trend emerged that encapsulated a sense of well-being derived from being warm and snug at home. We're talking rainy days, warm blankets, cuddles with a loved one, candles, hot tea and a good book – anything that brings comfort to you. The colour palette for this look is usually one or two colours, mainly a moonlit white or a dusky pink but you can choose anything that takes your fancy and brings comfort.


Beautiful Monochrome

Black/Grey and White is a combination that will never go out of fashion. It's a palette that is familiar and evokes memories from a time past but also oozes style and sophistication. 2019 is all about being minimalist – out with the old and keeping it that way. No clutter or mess, just the bare minimum. It can evoke feelings of a clear mind, a sense of satisfaction and a sense of order, helping with feelings of being overwhelmed or stress.

Botanical Inspiration

Nature has been proven to be great for our mental health, and what way to experience nature more than to bring it inside. Tall corner plants, small cactuses, the list is endless – creating a forest or scattering a few ornamental pieces around, it's up to you. We're a big fan of this trend.


We hope you enjoyed this blog post. What are your favourite trends at the moment? Get in touch and let us know.