Preparing your property for photographs

News at Mortimers | 31/01/2019

Our company has become evermore aware of the importance of the pictures when it comes to marketing properties, whether to sell or to rent. The three factors that buyers are looking for when looking at a picture of a room are big, bright and clear. Here are some tips on how best to prepare your property ready for the photos.


Clear the floor space – The more floor you can see the bigger the room will feel. Pushing furniture back to the walls of a living room will make it easier for a buyer to appreciate the space on offer.


Declutter – A word synonymous with getting your property ready for photographs, this is because it is possibly more relevant today than ever before. High resolution photographs and big screens mean more detail than ever can be seen. Therefore take some time to thin out the pictures and ornaments from your fireplaces and window sills. You don’t need to completely de-personalise the room but instead give the buyer the chance to imagine their belongings in that room.


Replace blown/burned out lightbulbs – Lights will almost certainly be turned on in order to brighten rooms even on the sunniest of days. If a bulb has blown it will standout, drawing the buyer’s attention away from the rest of the room.


Kitchens and Bathrooms – Along the same lines as decluttering window sills and shelves, clear the surfaces of your kitchen and bathroom. Put items in a storage box or shopping bag which can be moved out of shot whilst the photos are being taken.


Don’t forget the garden – Gardens are regularly one of the biggest factors why somebody wants to move home, so make sure it looks its best. Rake up the leaves, mow the grass and take the covers off you outside table and chairs. If you have a lot of garden toys for children or pets try to contain them in the shed or at least one corner, that way the picture can be taken in such a way to avoid too many distractions.

When decluttering and removing distractions (children’s/pet toys) from rooms, just put them to one side in a box or bag. This means they can easily be moved when taking photos of rooms from different angles.


The front of the property - This is often the first image used in our marketing and it is therefore important to make a good first impression. As with the internal photographs, the key is to remove distractions allowing the buyer to be able to see what’s on offer. Bins and recycling bags should be removed or put away, cars should be taken off the driveway and, like the garden, sweep away any leaves and mow the grass.

The purpose of the photographs isn’t to sell the property as buyers will always want to have a viewing and see the property first hand. The reality of being in a competitive market is that we need your home to stand out. Pictures play an important role and the property particulars, whether online or paper, will be what buyers keep going back to when they are deciding which properties they may want to view or offer on.