Make Sure You Are Ready To Secure Your Dream Home By Having Your Property On The Market First!

News at Mortimers | 23/03/2018


Why market my house if I haven’t found the one I want?

Properties are selling fast. We are unfortunately seeing more and more people miss out on securing their dream home by not being in a proceedable position, and not having their house on the market first.

Having your house on the market shows you’re serious about wanting to move, which in turn gives you a much better position in terms of negotiation power when it comes to making an offer.


Imagine this…

You are selling your property and you receive two offers for your home. The first buyer has a house to sell that isn’t yet even on the property market. Buyer number two already has their home on the property market and has just accepted an offer on it… Whose offer would YOU accept??


What if you find a buyer for mine, but I can’t find the house I want?

First off don’t worry! If your buyer is genuinely interested in your property, then they’ll wait for you, plus we’ll constantly keep them up to date with your situation, giving them peace of mind.

Once you’ve accepted an offer, it’s not legally binding meaning you do not have to go through with the sale if such a situation would arise, but best of all it’s no sale no fee! So the very worst case scenario for you, is that you don’t end up moving after all, but if you don’t move, then don’t worry because you won’t have to pay us a penny.

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