Book a valuation straight from our website, directly into our diaries!

News at Mortimers | 18/03/2019

How many times have you just sat down to enjoy a relaxing evening and realised you have forgotten to make a phone call and book that appointment? You had been meaning to ring all day and just didn’t manage to get round to it? And now you have chance, guess what, they are closed!

Yes, us too.

So at Mortimers we try and make it as easy as possible for you to contact us whenever and however it is easiest for you.

That’s why our newest addition to our service is to provide you with the option to visit our website and instantly book a valuation of your home directly into our diary. No waiting round. No having to make time in your busy day to ring us. No going back and forth with diaries trying to choose a convenient time.

Simply visit our website 24/7 and book an appointment for our valuer to visit your home, directly into our diary the hassle free way.

What’s more it’s quick and easy to do, at absolutely anytime that’s convenient for you day or night, so whether its your lunchtime, a break from work, whilst you are waiting to pick the kids up, or when you have chance to sit down at night with your diary to hand.

Our website is available now so head there and book your valuation directly at a day or time that suits you best.